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READ MOREThe following basic requirements must be met to be eligible for employment as a police officer with the City of Woodstock Police Service: The amount a police officer earns is highly dependent on their location and cost of living there. Most police officers earn more than the average salary at their location, allowing them and their families to live comfortably. Washington State Has The Highest Paid Police Officers in the U.S. Most police officers in the U.S. earn average or above-average incomes. Although the police may earn more in some cities, this is usually because the city has a higher cost of living. Police officers can increase their income by accessing detective or chief positions within the police. A rookie police officer earns an average of $31,965 a year in the United States, according to salaries reported by Indeed users. Police detectives earn $16,862 more than junior police officers, on average per year based on salaries reported by Indeed users. Yes.

Most police officers will continue to receive increases throughout their careers as they continue to gain more experience. Many beginners will receive their first salary increase after six months to a year of experience. It depends on the specific police department, but most police officers are paid every two weeks. Start your careerTest candidates will go through a series of steps to ensure that the best candidates are selected to join our team of dedicated agents. PROFESSIONAL ADVANCEMENTTo our agents excel, we offer many opportunities for specialized training. Through our phased approach, officers have the ability to become: GREAT BENEFITSThe following benefits for employees of the City of Woodstock Police Department are listed: (Applicants who have already submitted an application) Please upload, complete and submit the following forms in accordance with the instructions provided to you:Waivers and Information PackageAuthorization Form * Order or requirements are subject to change without notice. This list is intended to advise on the order of the process and not to be a complete list of all the processes involved in the hiring process. The Town of Woodstock is an equal opportunity employer that does not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, national origin, sex, religion, age or disability in employment or the provision of services. Here is the Hiring Process for the City of Woodstock Police Service*: Start certified officers at $40,337 per year. The WPD accepts applications for police officers throughout the year.

Applications will be made in the next phase of recruitment. .